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Basic Plan
Booking- free*
Rent- 7 rubles per minute
Standby- 2.5 rubles per minute
Responsibility for road accidents- till 25 000 ***
Night standby from
00:00 till 05:59
- Free****
You only pay for the actual
time spent using the vehicle
There is no
vehicle deposit
The rental cost is automatically
deducted directly from your card
*first 20 minutes, then by the rate 2,5 rubles per minute

** This plan is valid for 23 hours 59 minutes, after that per minute payment is applied following the current rate. The service plan price is 1,999 rubles will be charged before the start of your rental. The package includes 70 km free, then a surcharge of 8 rubles per km applies. Use “Standby” mode to lock the car when you want to make a stop. Car for a day package starts from the beginning of the rental and cannot be canceled. The car can only be replaced due to its technical issues.

***In case of the car accident happened by the customer’s fault the amount of recovered losses for the car damages will not be more then 25 000 rubles. However, this rule is not applicable if a customer has breached the contract seriously, for example: he/she was drunk or under drugs, allowed a third party to drive a car, fled from the car accident place or had not followed the terms and conditions of the Delimobil agreement. In these situations, the full amount of losses and fines will be charged from the customer.

****Car use in “Standby” mode from 00:00 till 05-50 is free. For “Rental” and “Car for a day” packages it is not applicable.

To change the package you need to send a request from your email used for account registration to with subject “Change package” with indication of your number and the package which you want to change to.
Car for a day
This package is prepaid which means by choosing this option 1 999 or 2 499 rubles before the rental will be deducted from your card depending on your current rate.
  • The maximum duration of the rental session is 23 hours and 59 minutes, afterwards the payment is made by the minute according to the current rate.
  • The maximum car mileage in 24 hours according to mentioned rate is 70 km. With higher mileage the payment will be 8 rubles per 1 km.
  • Use «Standby» mode to lock the car while stops during your trip. The cost of waiting is free of charge.
  • The «Car for a day» package become active from the beginning of the rental and cannot be interrupted. The car can only be replaced due to its technical issues.
* First 20 minutes, then 2.5 rubles per minute.
** This plan is valid for 23 hours 59 minutes, after which the corresponding per-minute plan is applied. 1,999 rubles are charged before the start of your rental. The first 150 km are free, after which a surcharge of 8 rubles per km applies. Use Standby mode to lock the car when you have to make a stop.
*** Liability in case of an accident is in accordance with the current tariff.

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