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Modern urban transport with a new level of freedom and service.
From 3 rubles per minute
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Free fill up and car wash
Never worry about topping off or washing the car, we'll take care of it! You only pay for time spent driving.
Easy to use
Book your ride from 200 cars using the mobile app and you're ready to go!
Comfortable and cost-efficient
Costs less than using your own car, public transport or a taxi.
Freedom of movement
Use our services in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Ufa‑ Select your city in the mobile app.
Locate on map
Visually inspect the car
You're ready to go!
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How does it work?

1. Locate on map
It's easy! Find the closest Delimobil car using our mobile app and rent it. You then have 20 minutes to start your trip. If you're late, your booking starts in Standby mode at 2.5 rubles per minute. The car will remain reserved for you as long as you need.
2. Visually inspect the car
Inspect the car for possible body damage and note the status of the interior. Please inform us if something is wrong. Don't forget to make sure all the required documents are in the glove box.
3. You're ready to go!
Drive anywhere your heart desires in Leningrad oblast. If you ever need to stop, just switch the rental status to Standby.
4. End your rental
End your rental by simply parking the car near your home, office or anywhere else within the authorized area as long as you comply with all Road Traffic Regulations of the Russian Federation. The rental cost is automatically deducted from your credit/debit card.

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