(a) gives his/her consent to the processing of the personal data he/she has provided (as well as that received from any third parties) by Carsharing Russia LLC (OGRN 1157746288083, INN 9705034527): surname, given name, patronymic, date, month and year of birth, place of birth, series and number of the identity document (or its substitute), information on the address of registration at the place of residence, driver's license number, contact details, including (but not limited to) phone number and e-mail address, information about the presence (absence) of medical contraindications for the use of the vehicle, photograph, employment information, positions, and geolocation (navigation data) of the Client, as well as other personal data related to the conclusion and execution of the Delimobil Contract (an agreement of accession available on the Internet at the address; hereinafter referred to as the «Contract»), as well as agreements on the use of Delimobil software, which provides for the possibility of a wider use of opportunities (hereinafter — license / user agreements) and confirms that by giving such consent the Client acts on their own will and in their own interests.

(b) The Consent is given by the Client for the purposes of concluding (acceding) and executing the Contract, as well as license (user) agreements, rendering additional services to Carsharing Russia LLC, participating in campaigns, surveys, research (including, but not limited to conducting surveys, research through electronic, telephone and cellular communication), making decisions or committing other actions generating legal consequences with respect to the Client or other persons, supplying the Client with information on services provided by Carsharing Russia LLC and its partners, including services, in order to conclude further contracts / agreements with other persons with the purpose of executing the Contract, in order to arrange collection of debts, including with the involvement of third parties, identification of the person who committed a violation of the current legislation, and the provision of relevant information to designated authorities, and applies to the information specified in clause (a) of this Consent.

(c) Client's Personal Data Processing may be carried out by Carsharing Russia LLC in the amount necessary to achieve relevant goals, by means of mixed processing (automated, and also without the use of automation facilities) in the following ways: collecting, recording (including on electronic media), systematizing, accumulating, storing, drawing up lists, marking, updating (modifying, changing), extracting, using, transferring (distributing, granting, accessing), depersonalizing, blocking, removing, destroying, obtaining images by photographing, or performing any other actions with the Client's Personal Data subject to the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Processing is carried out both with the help of automation facilities, and without using such.

(d) The Client confirms that this Consent is valid for the period of the Client's Personal Data by Carsharing Russia LLC which is seventy five years from the date of receipt.

(e) The Client has the right to withdraw his Consent by sending a respective written notification to Carsharing Russia LLC not less than three (3) months prior to the withdrawal of the Consent.

(f) The Customer acknowledges and confirms that if deemed necessary to provide Personal Data for the achievement of the above-mentioned purposes to a third party (including to the authorities both upon receipt of the request and at their own initiative; when third parties are involved in performing the work (rendering services) provided for in the Contract and license agreements; the transfer by Carsharing Russia LLC of its functions and powers to another person, including to consider the possibility of assignment and the adoption of a decision on assignment of rights under the Contract; and engaging third parties to provide collection services, etc.), Carsharing Russia LLC has the right, without obtaining additional consent from the Client, to disclose information about the Client (including Personal Data) to such third parties, their agents and other authorized persons, as well as to provide such persons with relevant documents containing such information in compliance with the requirements of the law to perform the abovementioned actions.

(g) The Client acknowledges and confirms that this Consent is considered to be given by him/her to any third parties, subject to appropriate changes, and any such third parties are entitled to process the Personal Data on the basis of this Consent.

(h) The Client acknowledges and confirms that if Carsharing Russia LLC considers the matter of assignment of rights under the concluded (acceded) Contracts and licensing agreements with the Client or if the Rental Provider uses third parties to perform actions aimed at recovering the Client's debts, consent to the transfer of his/her Personal Data and data on his/her Contract and/or license/user agreements to such third parties shall be considered to have been provided by the Client to Carsharing Russia LLC. In the event of assignment of rights under this Contract, Carsharing Russia LLC has the right not to notify the Client. The Client hereby agrees not to receive any notification of the assignment made by Carsharing Russia LLC in accordance with this clause of the Contract. The Client gives his/her consent to interaction with a third party (including the members of the Client's family, relatives, other persons residing with the Client, neighbors and any other individuals) aimed at recovering his/her overdue debts.