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Delimobil: User's Manual

If you are reading this now, you're just one step away from your first trip. Below you'll find a detailed description of how to sign up, book a car and get started driving. Answers to other questions not covered here can be found in the FAQ.

Signing up

You can sign up in the mobile app. Our mobile app is the main tool you'll use to interact with us, so we strongly advise you download it in AppStore or GooglePlay. When registering, please select your preferred pricing plan and specify how you want to sign the Agreement: electronically or by hard copy. Both are acceptable, but there are some differences in the list of documents required to upload for evaluation. "Ready, Set, Go!" — is what you'll see in your Inbox after your account is activated.

Signing up on our website
or using the mobile app
Signing the Agreement
(electronically or hard copy)
a Delimobil car

Before booking a car for the first time, please make sure a credit card is linked with your account to pay for its usage. If you selected a pay-per-minute plan, the rental cost is deducted from your credit card immediately after the end of your booking. If you chose to rent a car for the day, the cost will be deducted before the rental starts.


Please sign in to the mobile app using your login and password. Open the map and find the closest Delimobil to your location. You can also use the Locater feature to set the search radius. A notification is sent whenever a new car becomes available.

Tap the icon of the nearest car.
Check the address and fuel level.
Tap Book Now
Please select your pricing
plan: per day or per minute
Book Now

Now you have 20 free minutes to start the car you booked. If you don’t cancel your booking within 20 minutes, you’ll be charged for paid standby time.

Car Inspection

If there is no visible damage, please unlock the car
using the mobile app and inspect the interior.
You should find the registration certificate, proof of insurance
and fuel card in the glove box.


If you find any external damage (dents, scratches, broken or cracked lights, mirrors, etc.), interior damage, dirt, traces of untidy handling
by the previous user, or if there is no registration certificate, proof of insurance
or fuel card, please immediately contact the Delimobil
call center and send photos of the damaged areas to


Accept the Vehicle Delivery and Acceptance Act by tapping the Thumbs Up.
Now everything is set and you're ready to drive. Off you go!


Just turn the ignition key, it should already be in the lock. Please follow all traffic regulations. You will be responsible for paying the fines from any violations. Be friendly and polite towards other people on the road, and they'll repay you in kind.


If you need to make a stop, please park the car in a permitted area, turn off the engine, close the doors and switch the Delimobil car to Standby. Your car will wait for you!


If your tank reaches E and the fuel gauge light on the dashboard is on, please refuel the car.


Find the nearest
available gas station.
The stations are displayed
in the mobile app


Call an operator in the
Call Center and follow the instructions.
Remember the PIN code
you receive from the operator.


Give this PIN code to the
gas station assistant.


Get 15 free minutes
as a reimbursement

End your rental

To complete your trip, you must find a permitted parking spot (according to the terms and conditions of the Agreement), park the car, turn off the engine and put the car in park. Exit the car. Lock the car using the mobile app. Your rental is now over! Use the Show Permitted Areas feature to make sure you've parked in a permitted area.

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