About us

About us

Delimobil is a new smart, pay-per-minute car rental service available in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Grozny and Novosibirsk!


Delimobil is the first carsharing project in Russia, which has been established in 2015. Delimobil integrates all carsharing experience of European countries; and has become a significant part of the transport infrastructure in Russia.




Renting cars on a pay-per-minute basis, which is the general idea of car sharing, has quickly become popular among urban residents as a viable alternative to public transportation, personal cars and taxis. The advantages of car sharing include lower costs, 24/7 availability, no deposits, no pre-pays, and modern technologies: you control everything using a mobile app.

Car sharing is beneficial for urban areas, as it reduces road traffic, improves environmental conditions and quality of life. According to the statistics, one car sharing vehicle replaces as many as 10 individually owned cars, resulting in fewer traffic jams. If more car owners chose Delimobil cars, the fewer personal cars would be congesting city streets. We've chosen the Hyundai Solaris as the primary vehicle for our fleet — it's a dynamic, reliable and fuel-efficient city car. Plus, these vehicles are assembled in Russia, so our project is also supporting local car manufacturing.

Started with 100 cars in 2015, by the present moment Delimobil’s auto park has up to 2650 cars. We plan to expand new cities, further raise of auto park, and also technical enhancement of service for more comfortable car rental.


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